Caviar Osciètre

Caviar Osciètre

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In Oscietra caviar, produced by Sturia exclusively from Gueldenstaedtil sturgeons, sea flavors are enlivened with dried fruit, resulting in a sensual caviar.

Golden brown roes roll perfectly under the palate, releasing their delicate flavor gradually.

Sturia was created 30 years ago, in the historical French area where you could find wild sturgeons in the past. With 7 aqua farms and a production site located near Bordeaux, Sturia contributes to maintain the caviar making, in a sustainable, ecological way.

This expertise, developed over the years, has led them to become the first French caviar producer with more than 18 tons a year.

France is now in the top-three countries producing Caviar, which also contributes to the preservation of sturgeon specie, which exists since more than 200 millions years!

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0°C to 5°C
Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii

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