Oyster Flat Cancale N°0 Saint Kerber

Oyster 1930 Flat Cancale N°0 Saint Kerber

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Parcs Saint-Kerber, a premier French oyster farm in Cancale, Brittany, is renowned for its award-winning oysters, including the gold-medal Fine Saint Kerber and Tsarskaya varieties in 2017. Their commitment extends to organic oysters, sustainably managed in Mont-Saint-Michel Bay. Since 1930, their family enterprise has thrived, cultivating 180 hectares of flat oysters and 22 hectares of deep oysters.

Guided by Stéphan Alleaume, François-Joseph Pichot, and Pierre Pichot, they have blend tradition with innovation in this unique terroir. With over 25 medals, including golds in 2017, and recognition as an "Artisan Producer of Quality" since 2016, Maison Saint Kerber is a symbol of excellence.

Their core values—environmental reverence, waste reduction, and sustainable management—are embedded in every facet of our operation. Sourced from natural beds, these oysters undergo a journey of full traceability from seed to sale, raised in the pristine waters of the open sea, ensuring an unparalleled level of purity. Parcs Saint Kerber: where tradition meets innovation, and excellence knows no bounds.

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