Pasta Gnocchetti Giuseppe Cocco

Pasta Gnocchetti Giuseppe Cocco

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Gnocchetti N.60 500 GR

Experience the authentic taste of Italy with Pasta Cocco, a brand that stands out as one of the best pasta producers in the country. What makes us unique is their traditional old machines that have been passed down through generations of pasta makers. Giuseppe Cocco, who rebuilt the necessary tools after World War II, has continued his father's know-how to create delicious Italian pasta.

These pastas are made in the Fara S. Martino region, which benefits from an ideal climate of dry and ventilated air, along with a natural spring. This perfect combination creates the ideal drying conditions for our pasta, ensuring that it maintains its distinct flavor and texture.

Giuseppe Pasta Cocco is one of the few remaining pasta producers in Italy who use such artisanal methods, which translates into plates that are appreciated by many chefs worldwide. Elevate your pasta dishes with Pasta Cocco and savor the true taste of Italy.

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