The Diamantina Shire located in western Queensland is famous for its role in producing some of Australia's highest-quality cattle. Stanbroke's legacy is closely intertwined with the history of this renowned region, spanning over a century. Both entities are synonymous with delivering beef of exceptional excellence.

Diamantina stands as a premier source of beef in Australia, encompassing a variety of types including Wagyu, Angus, grain-fed, grass-fed, and organically certified cattle. The cattle responsible for the Diamantina beef range are nourished on the native grasses and grains found in the Australian wilderness.

We meticulously choose the finest breeds, raise them in the vast outdoors, implement rigorous nutritional regimes, and employ natural methods to oversee every facet of beef production. The outcome consistently yields a superior taste. From the most esteemed global restaurants to everyday family dinners, our beef serves as an inspiration for chefs to craft their finest dishes, bringing joy with each and every bite.

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Beef Angus Ground Mince 20% Fat Grass Fed Organic

weightCASE OF 30 X 500 GR

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Beef Patty/Burger 25% Fat 100D Grass Fed Organic

weightCASE OF 80 X 120 GR

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Beef Topside SB 8/9

weightPC OF +/- 10.5 KG

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