Seabass Farmed 600/800
  • Seabass Farmed 600/800
  • Seabass Farmed 600/800
  • Seabass Farmed 600/800

Seabass Farmed 600-800 Gr/Pc

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The sea-bass, a resilient species thriving in benthic and pelagic environments, can be found along sandy or rocky shorelines pounded by waves, abundant in oxygen and food resources. Its adaptability to varying salinity levels allows it to inhabit ports and even brackish estuarine waters. Widely distributed along the French coast and in canals, our sea-bass boasts a unique French origin, nurtured in the quality waters of Aquanord production sites. These sites ensure controlled water flow and continuous oxygenation.

Gloria Maris commitment to the well-being of the fish is evident in very low pen fish densities, coupled with a thoughtful farming method. The sea-bass undergoes natural growing cycles lasting between 2 to 4 years. They prioritize the use of rigorously selected feed, incorporating natural and sustainable raw materials. Ensuring impeccable traceability, our products feature barcode labeling for easy identification. To maintain the utmost freshness, they adhere to a short processing time between fishing and supply, maintaining zero stock.

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-2°C to 2°C
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