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Pastry Chef Essentials Shop

Introducing our exclusive pastry essential selection, a one-stop shop providing all bakery and pastry ingredients selected by our in-house pastry chef.

Discover the finest chocolates available from our famous French chocolate partner Weiss, including dark, milk, and white chocolates. It includes a complete range of baking chocolates to prepare the perfect dessert served in your fine dining restaurants.

There is also a large selection of ready-to-bake bread by Bridor, such as croissants, baguettes, and much more to add to your breakfast buffet selections. Ready tart shells are also available in different sizes to make your own creations of shortcrust pastry, quiche, flan, and much more that can be added to your coffee shop menus.

Chefs wait there is more for you to make super easy canapes for the perfect afternoon tea with different bread layers by Boncolac. The selection is followed by trendy items such as gluten free and vegan options as well!

Get inspired by a wide range of 3D decorations, chocolate pieces, transfer sheets, shiny powders, and colorings by one and only PCB Creation. Fresh fruit purees by Ponthier are also available for all your freshly baked tarts and other culinary creations.





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