Carribean R Aroma

Carribean R Aroma

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Create natural food flavorings that give your recipes a healthy, light taste. In the small town of Grasse, world-renowned for the production of natural flavors, Nerolian creates new organic flavors every day while respecting nature.

Nerolian offers a wide range of flavors that allow cooking enthusiasts to unleash their culinary creativity and add color, flavor and magic to every recipe. From flavors for desserts to natural flavors for ice cream and even delicious recipes like mushroom flavors.

Nerolian food flavors are also ideal for gastronomic professionals such as restaurateurs, confectioners and cooks. All our flavors are manufactured entirely in France and selected according to current European regulations and standards regarding hygiene, traceability and quality. With special attention to nutrition and what nature has to offer us, the Nerolian team takes great care in selecting 100% quality flavors and cooking each one in a way that is easy to use.

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15°C to 20°C
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