Galabe Bonbon

Galabe Bonbon

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Galabé, a traditional delicacy hailing from the stunning Reunion Island. Crafted from the purest cane juice, their exquisite product takes on various forms including syrup, sugar, and candy, all with their unique textures and tantalizing tastes.

Galabé has been cherished worldwide by culinary connoisseurs and skilled artisans alike, and is recognized as an indispensable gem of the gastronomic heritage. At Payet & Riviere, they continue their family's pioneering legacy in modern sugar history and organic agriculture through the Micro-Sugar Factory on the Bel Air Agricultural Estate.

They take immense pride in their commitment to excellence and constantly strive to innovate and create premium-quality products. Each day, they honor the values and techniques passed down to them from previous generations, ensuring that every batch of Galabé is a testament to an unwavering dedication. Indulge in our organic range of products and experience the authentic flavors of Reunion Island.

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