Fruit Tea Bags Classic Collection

Fruit Tea Bags Classic Collection

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Experience the exciting growth of tea consumption worldwide! In the past four decades, tea has witnessed a remarkable surge, with a 40% increase. What's even more remarkable is that 70% of this surge comes from the vibrant 18 to 35 years old demographic.

At The Tea Group, they are revolutionizing the way people perceive tea, enabling them to explore the incredible diversity and choices available in the world of tea. As a wholesale and distribution service, we prioritize exceptional quality and unparalleled taste, while honoring the rich history and traditions of tea and its significance in global culture. They embrace innovation and creativity to offer a remarkable tea experience.

Their mission is to provide sustainable, ethical, and inspiring tea solutions that generate profitability for our Global Partners. By empowering the HoReCa community and nurturing the next generation of tea enthusiasts, The Tea Group is actively fostering a community that appreciates the true essence of tea.

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