Rhubarb Soda Water Organic

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Rhubarb Soda Water Organic

Osterberg is more than just a beverage company; it's a team of passionate individuals dedicated to creating exceptional drinks with a purpose. Their story begins with Niels Osterberg, an intrepid soda salesman and chemical engineer who founded Orana, a small worldwide company, in 1982. Niels, driven by a love for exploration, currently undertakes exciting projects such as establishing a banana plantation in Kenya and a fruit factory in Sri Lanka.

Joining Niels is his daughter, Cathrine Osterberg, a true food geek with a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and a Master's degree in Gastronomy & Health. Cathrine's expertise in nutrition and sensory experiences fuels our creative product development, ensuring that every sip of Osterberg beverages offers a delightful fusion of taste and well-being.

Sustainability, innovation, nutrition, and organic practices are the pillars of Østerberg's brand. Our organic soda water stands out by using fruits as natural sweeteners, rather than added sugars. This approach allows the true flavors of the ingredients to shine, resulting in refreshingly crisp and less sweet soda waters.

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